Sampling by Liene Jakobsone is a design practice based in Riga, Latvia.

"Craft and spatial experience are two elements that often converge in my design. Local and natural materials, handmade by skillful craftsmen - these are the qualities that I truly appreciate and turn into contemporary design. Creating objects by my own hands and mastering a variety of handicraft techniques allow me to test concepts that add a new dimension to traditional craftsmenship.

Working on different scales in my everyday practice leads to inevitable fusion of design, architecture and even landscape in my projects. However the focus is always on the relation between user, space and environment. Instead of just making things I rather try to influence the perception of space."

Liene Jakobsone is an architect and designer, co-founder of architecture practice Sampling. Beside its architectural and urban projects, Sampling organises lectures and workshops and is also involved in education and research. Sampling is the official organiser of PechaKucha Nights in Latvia.